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Trekkie Snuggler


Swaddle your future Trekkie in a uniform in all the colors!

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Swaddling is the act of snugly wrapping up your baby in a blanket or cloth to mimic the baby being in its mother’s womb. Babies in their mom’s bellies are in a secure and warm environment for nine months and once they are born they may find the open spaces unnerving. The wrapping is done in such a way that the baby’s limbs are restricted yet it should keep the baby from moving around unnecessarily and still maintain good circulation. Swaddling helps to mimic the security of the womb to help them feel secure and keep them from being unnecessarily irritable.

Swaddling helps with:
– The feeling of warmth and security
– Soothe a crying baby and promote relaxation
– Jerking themselves awake making their sleep uninterrupted

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Uniform Color

Red, Blue, Yellow


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